Yarra Benvenishti

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Yaara Benbenishty in a Photoshoot to the Global hair straightening Brand: “Biorganic”.

Super Organic: The Successful actress/model, Yaara Benbenishty, was chosen to be the presenter for the organic hair straightening brand "Biorganic" marketed in US and Israel. The photoshoot concept was natural, organic and soothing. On set we could find lavender flowers,aloe plants, bamboo shoots and other plants which are part of the product ingredients.

Photograpy: Adi Orni, Hair Stylist:  Biorganic

Styling: Haya Vider
Make-up: Moran Davidovich
Art: Assaf Day
Production and PR: Shay Cohen Debby
Model: Yarra Benvenisti for Elite Models

Yarra Benvenishti-3

Dress: Maya Negri


Yarra Benvenishti-5-6

Dress: Liat Greenberg  for Shenkar


Yarra Benvenishti-1

Overall: Liat Greenberg  for Shenkar


Yarra Benvenishti-4

Dress: Maya Negri


Yarra Benvenishti-2

Dress: Neel Brosh for Shenkar, Hat: Private Collection



צילום: עדי אורני, עיצוב שיער: Biorganic
איפור: מורן דוידוביץ, ארט: אסף דיי
הפקה ויח״צ: שי כהן דבי
דוגמנית: יערה בינבנישתי ל-elite models




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